Water Shooting R/C Helicopter

Take the art of annoying your siblings or roommates to entirely new heights with the water shooting R/C helicopter. This cool and nimble chopper is ideal for executing fierce aquatic aerial attacks while soaring at moderately high altitudes above the living room.

The water shooting R/C helicopter is a must have for any practical joker. Using a handy remote with user friendly controls, you’ll be able to exert full control over the mini helicopter and be declared the undisputed ruler of your home’s airspace. If anyone should happen to displease you in any way, you simply douse them with an incredibly accurate and annoying water spray to the face. The helicopter contains a sturdy metallic frame measuring 8.5″ x3.25″ x2″ and is capable of stealthily hovering over a fixed spot so your victims won’t even know what hit them until it’s too late.