Thermal zip tie, a briliant idea!

Currently up for voting on, this guy is trying to get the backing to develop something I've wished existed for a long time, Thermal Printed Zip Ties! Check it out and help this product get made! Creating thermal zip ties that react to heat to inscribe messages, instructions or memory aids so the user knows exactly what they are used for. A minimal device could be designed to slip in the zip tie, write whatever you desire and instantly gives you a message. The device would have a safe heating element that simply changes the composition of the tie material to create the image. The beauty of thermal printing is you would never replace an ink cartridge and it doesn't blur like ink-jet printers. Now you can leave a longer, but limited, message so you know when you pull out something 2-3 years down the road what exactly it is used for. Phrases like "Use 12-4 electrical wire for ceiling light/fan fixture 2013 code" would be an example.