Ancient Kauri Dice

What could be cooler than a set of dice made from the world’s oldest workable wood? I mean besides winning the lottery and marrying a super model on the same day while taking delivery of your shiny new Ferrari 599GTB. Kauri is One big damn tree! Ok… that may not be the scientific name but these things are the size of Red Woods!!! And they’re old… I mean really old. I’m talking pre human old. What are they? Ancient Kauri Trees. Holy damn the wood is beautiful. Pictures do NOT do it justice. The grain pattern is alive with an  iridescence called Whitebait. So named after the schools of fish that swim off the New Zealand coast where these trees are found. Watch this video below to see it in action. I’ve had the privilege to hold a guitar made out of this wood. I can tell you there is no other wood like it. Nothing compares.